Symbiosis Nursery School follows an equitable method of randomly selecting the children for admission to Mini KG with the help of a computer. Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research has specially developed this method for the school. Symbiosis Nursery School will admit children to Mini KG for the academic year 2020-2021, which will start from June 2020. Neither the child nor the parents are expected to go through the stressful experience of being interviewed by teachers and administrators. We do not expect children to know reading or writing for getting admission to Mini KG, however, the child has to be toilet trained. know reading or writing for getting admission to Mini KG, however, the child has to be toilet trained.


Children born between 1st October, 2016 and 30th September, 2017 are eligible for Mini KG class. Since age is the only criteria for admission to the Symbiosis Nursery School, we follow it strictly. Overage and underage children are not considered for admission to Mini KG.

Random Selection Process for Mini KG admissions is scheduled on 7th January 2020 at 3 pm.
Venue- “Symbi Stars Auditorium, Opp. Chittaranjan Vatika, Hare Krishna Mandir Path,
Model Colony, Pune 411016″

If your child’s name is in the list selected and displayed by the computer, an appointment will be given to meet the Headmistress (the list of randomly selected students, a waiting list and the appointment schedule will be displayed in the school after random selection process. The admission is confirmed only after interaction with the Headmistress and payment of fees. In certain special cases the school (SNS) reserves the right to refuse the admission.

Refund of fees:

As per refund policy of Symbiosis Nursery School.

It is advisable to apply to other schools for admission to ensure that your child has other options. A plea that the child has to be admitted to SNS because an application has not been made elsewhere will not be accepted.

No capitation/ donation is charged for admission to any programme at any Institute of Symbiosis.
All disputes subject to Pune Jurisdiction Only.