Curricular Approach

Jean Piaget has been a major influence in curriculum planning for early childhood education. He believed in the emphasis being laid on the development of cognitive skills and active learning.

The pre-primary curriculum is essentially an activity based or skill oriented curriculum, the basic component being activity aimed at creating joy and happiness in acquiring basic learning skills. A child learns naturally through carefree exploration of his environment.

Using the theme-based model, the Symbiosis Nursery School provides a rich, stimulating and satisfying environment for the promotion of all round intellectual, emotional & social, physical and creative development.

It is a method not of teaching a child but of learning by the child. It aims at selecting topics within a child’s experience and environment and essentially focuses on giving first hand experiences. Children are active learners and co-constructers of their knowledge. Children are encouraged to express themselves using multiple literacy’s which include listening, speaking, reading, writing, drawing, painting, building, designing, dramatic play, music and movement.

Hands –on, active experiences, Excursions and field trips, Audio-visual teaching aids is a vital component of our curriculum.

All the classrooms are airy, bright, well-planned and equipped with modern teaching aids. The school has ample outdoor space for play ground.

The ultimate goal is the optimum, harmonious, integrated development of the pre-school child who is happy and excited in learning.