Random Selection Process for Mini KG admissions is scheduled on 7th January 2020 at 3 pm.
Venue- “Symbi Stars Auditorium, Opp. Chittaranjan Vatika, Hare Krishna Mandir Path,
Model Colony, Pune 411016″.


The Symbiosis Centre of Health Care(SCHC) is an in house Health Care Centre exclusively for the staff and students of the various Institute of Symbiosis. Specialist doctors (ENT, ophthalmologists, Physician, Dentist and Pathologist) examine the students during the annual health check up and provide outpatient treatment through out the year.

The SCHC also conducts regular Medical Check up & arranges insurance coverage for all students. For further details regarding the benefits of the scheme, please contact SCHC.

The SCHC, thus provides both preventive as well as curative health care services with a view to provide comprehensive Health Care to ensure ‘Positive Health’ in all members of the Symbiosis family.

Midday meal:

It also provides nutritious midday snacks to the students prepared in-house in the school’s hygienic kitchen and conducts health lecture/workshop for students, teachers & parents.

Classroom infrastructure:

All the classrooms are airy, bright, well-planned and equipped with modern teaching aids.

Outdoor area:

Games and activities with a strong physical component can help children develop their physical strength, coordination, endurance, imagination, social skills, discipline, listening skills etc. At SNS we have different outdoor equipments like swings, slides, basket ball, tennis racquets, bats, balls, footballs etc which are beneficial for the overall growth of the kids and development of psychomotor aspects. The school has play area which provides children to channelize their energy in a constructive way. It teaches them to follow rules, and play with their peers.

Sports teacher:

School provides separate sports teacher who teaches them brain gym and mass P.T. With the help of the teachers children do plays the games like baseball, basketball, dodge ball etc.

Music teacher & music room:

Music is a wonderful means of first communication between adults and young children. SNS has a separate music room where music teacher

Story teacher:

Dance teacher:


This is the favourite place where children explore activities like digging, pouring, scooping which helps to develop their fine and gross motor skills. It also enhances their creativity and imagination.

Painting room:

SNS has got separate painting room which is equipped with different resources like easel board, long brushes, thin brushes, shaving brushes, paints, aprons for children and table etc.