Holistic Development

The essence of the kindergarten curriculum lies in providing children with adequate, appropriate, variety of firsthand sensorial experiences based on their fundamental and developmental needs. All our activities are strategically planned and our focus is on all areas of learning as we want our children to develop ‘Holistically’. To ensure all round development, we focus on 5 broad areas of learning –

Physical/Motor skills

- The development of body is as critical as that of the mind or spirit. We have a range of activities keeping in mind the physical development and growth milestones of the child.




Personal, Social & Emotional skills

- The development of life skills in the child is concerned with all aspects of the child’s experience at home, in school and outside which contribute to personal, social &emotional development.


Language/Communicative skills

- Language/communication skills is the ability not only to read and write but also to speak, listen, view and to think critically.




Numeracy skills

- We introduce mathematics through understanding simpler concepts and facts, in a way that makes it interesting and intriguing for a preschool learner.


Creative/Aesthetic skills

- Art, Music& movement and Drama, is considered an important medium to represent what a child is thinking, and we encourage expressing original thoughts and imagination.