Principal’s message

Dates for MINI KG admission form availability will be declared soon enough.

Veena Keni


Dr. James Comer says, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship” and my experience has time and again proven this right! For learners, learning occurs when the facilitator readily facilitates multi-dimensional learning while stimulating the holistic development of the learner
A teacher – student relationship is the most flexible relationship there ever can be and the outcome is the best when the teacher becomes the facilitator…… and the student becomes a learner. The bond that connects each one of the learners to the facilitator is an invisible but strong one.

We at Symbiosis Nursery School nurture the bond to the fullest to facilitate holistic development of the children. The core areas of development: Cognitive, Linguistic, Socio-emotional, Physical, Spiritual / Moral and Self-help/ Adaptive are being catered to for the utmost beneficial outcome for the students.

To achieve the all-round development of the children we promote the culture of interactive student centric classroom which is facilitated with the support of a theme based integrated curriculum and play as well as activity based learning.
Every child has a ‘Genius’ hidden inside and we, SNS facilitators have taken it upon ourselves to sculpt the ‘Geniuses’ out of the Symbians!

Veena Keni
Symbiosis Nursery School