Principal’s message

Bhavna Shah

Play is the highest form of research.
(Albert Einstein)


Mrs. Bhavna Shah
B.A. B.Ed., Montessori Trained

Our nursery programme is designed to give your child a head start for school by incorporating the following in the curriculum:

  • Phonics letters and numbers recognition through carefully designed learning activities.
  • Valuable social skills through highly interactive learning methods and self-help tasks to enable them to develop a sense of independence.
  • A chance to play and interact with other children to acquire important interpersonal skills.
  • Encouraging children to be active participants in their own learning. Every learner’s potential is recognized and appreciated and therefore they emerge as passionate lifelong learners.
  • Nurturing a genuine and dependable relationship with families and the community.

Mrs. Bhavna Shah

Headmistress, Symbiosis Nursery School