Principal’s message

Bhavna Shah

Play is the highest form of research.
(Albert Einstein)


We at Symbiosis Nursery School believe in developing responsible global citizens through quality education. There is an achiever in every child just waiting to burst forth.
Our objectives aim at:

1.Encouraging children to be curious about their world.
2.Giving your children quality education and guidance by well trained and qualified teachers.
3.Giving your children an opportunity to develop their language and communication skills.
4.Supporting children to explore their potential at their own individual pace.
5.Creating partnerships with parents to help children build their confidence and develop social emotional skills.

Symbiosis Nursery School believes that each child is unique and needs nurturing to unlock their potential.
Mrs. Bhavna Shah
(B.A. B.Ed., Montessori Trained)
Symbiosis Nursery School