Library is a storehouse of knowledge and books. They are keys to wisdom. The school has a large library stocked with books, periodicals and audio-visual CD’s. The library focuses on developing the reading habits in children through celebrating theme based weeks, namely Science Week, Animal Week, Book Review, Book Club, Library Club, Power Point presentations etc., where various activities like story telling, story writing, poem recitation, quiz, author talk, book fairs etc take place. These activities not only help children to develop interest in reading & enhancing reading skills but they also get introduced to new subjects and ideas.

Computer Laboratory:

Today’s world is the World of Presentation’; may it be a knowledge’ presentation or may it be a commodity’ presentation. Our school has a spacious computer lab. Teaching is through computers which can be accessed from any corner of the school through LAN [Local Area Network].

Science Laboratory:

There are three labs in the school that caters to students from Class 1 to Class 12. There is an earnest effort to inculcate in our students a scientific temper and inquisitive mind. Hands on experience is provided for all the students while teaching Biology, Physics & Chemistry. These Laboratories provide avenues for experimentation and research for students and teachers.

Most of the topics that can be introduced by a laboratory demonstration are dealt with in the science labs. These include: – solute-solvent-solution, separation techniques, Electrical ciruits, Salt – Analysis, Volumetric titration , optics, levers-pulleys, plant parts, types of leaves, photosynthesis (stomata slide), specimens of plants & animals, demonstration of cell divisions, types of roots and many more that are a part of the EVS curriculum. The laboratory activities are also extended into the class rooms at times where children in Grade I sow seeds and grow plants in the class itself.All the activities prescribed by the CBSE Science Manual are performed in the Science Lab.

Maths Laboratory:

There is a Maths Lab to help the students to overcome their phobia of the subject and make it more interesting. It contributes to their learning of the subject by providing an opportunity to students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concept through concrete objects and situations. It also enables the students to verify or discover several geometrical properties and facts using models or by paper cutting and folding techniques.All the activities done as formatives from the CBSE Maths Manual are performed in the Maths Lab.

Medical Team:

The Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) is an In-house Health Care Centre exclusive to the staff & students for various institutes of Symbiosis. Specialist Doctors (ENT, Eye, Physician, Dentist and Pathologist) examine the students during the annual health check up and in-house doctors provide OPD treatment throughout the year against an annual medical fee of Rs.1110/- only, which includes Health Insurance also. The Centre thus provides both preventive as well as curative health care services with a view to provide comprehensive Health Care to ensure ‘Positive Health’ for all members of the Symbiosis family.
In case the child does not progress to the expected level, he/she could be referred to a specialist for standardized assessment and interventions by medical professionals.
Based on the report of the medical team, the school in consent with the parent/guardian decides upon the future course of intervention within the rules of the council.


The school has an A.V. Room completely equipped teachers / students use this facility for regular teaching, for workshops & presentations.

The children at each age level are happier to extend their creativity to a new medium that they have just learnt. Their hands-on experience on our computer laboratory is more engulfing. It has enabled them to create more effective projects in various subjects & activities. The school gives them an opportunity to display their skills in the computer laboratory & in the audio-visual room, making them more techno-savvy’.

Clippings/CD’s/Slides pertaining to the prescribed syllabus in all the subjects are shown by the teachers to the students in the A.V. Room.

Children from Classes 1st to 12th are also shown movies / documentaries which possess educational value. Special movies are shown during festivals and special events.

Sports Facilities

Sports is an integral part of the school curriculum. An active body helps the child to be active and agile. Sports is compulsory for all students from I – XII. Football, Volleyball, Handball, Cricket, Kho-kho, Basket ball, Table-tennis, Carom, Chess, Taekwondo, Throwball, Badminton and Athletics are some of the games that are played regularly. Besides this, the students are trained for gymnastics. Yoga is also taught to the students. Children are also encouraged to take part in Zonal, Taluka, District, State and National level sports.