The subject of science plays an important role in developing in children well defined abilities in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. It augments the spirit of enquiry, creativity, objectivity and aesthetic sensibility.

The main aim is to focus on Thinking Skills ,to develop inquisitiveness for the subject by inculcating the habit of asking Why & How type of questions and to move beyond rote learning and to understand what Science is all about.

We achieve these goals by:-

  • Activities are taken to develop scientific attitude and scientific values.
  • Students are allowed to handle the apparatus in the labs starting from Std I onwards to develop observational skills, apparatus handling and drawing conclusions to enhance scientific temper.
  • Conducting Science Quiz, Exhibitions where students prepare working models, charts related to topics like rain water harvesting, non-conventional sources of energy(solar, wind) etc. to promote eco-friendly attitude.
  • Investigatory projects are given to the students to observe their inquisitiveness, observational skills, analytical skills, application of knowledge etc.
  • Group activities are conducted nominating a group leader to ensure all students participate and learn team work, confidence to put forth their views, respect their peer work.
  • To develop problem solving skills in students and equip students to face various challenges related to health, nutrition, weather, industries and agriculture.