Holistic development is the motto of our educational system. In order to ensure physical fitness of our students the school provides coaching in various sports and games with the help of our teachers and expert coaches. A wide range of sports are offered at Symbiosis School which allows the students to have the opportunity to express their skills

Our students displayed their sporting powers by participating in various competitions at the division, state, national, CBSE zonal and CBSE national levels with unbridled enthusiasm and also achieved glory by securing various positions in athletics, gymnastics, aerobics, karate, table tennis, swimming, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, shooting, tennis and skating.

The following sports are conducted in Symbiosis School:


Athletic events are conducted in our school which are primarily based on human, physical competition, demanding the qualities of stamina, fitness and skill. Through athletics they learn the skill of focus, concentration and how to meet personal targets.

Team games:

Team games are played to develop life skills like interpersonal and intra personal decision making and creative thinking. Students learn how to be loyal, communicate with others as well as to compete and win fairly.The following games are played in our school:

  1. Invasion Games: Basketball, Kabaddi, Football
  2. Net Games: Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball
  3. Inning Games: Kho Kho
Individual Games:

It improves a child’s self-esteem and confidence. The skill of self-awareness is enhanced. Students achieve self-satisfaction and also develop a desire to compete for themselves. Following games are played in our school.

  1. Gymnastics, Skating, Tae Kwon do , Boxing, Chess.
Health and Fitness:

Mass PT, Yoga and Meditation are done regularly in the School so the children have the habit of exercising regularly to remain healthy and fit.

Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action(SEWA):

Students are taught how to be responsible towards the society, the less privileged , the disadvantaged and to the environment. Students also enhance all the life skills through the activities which they undertake. The following activities are conducted in our school:

  1. Visit to a old age home/ Orphanage.
  2. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan
  3. Visit to Traffic Park.
  4. Tree Plantation.
  5. Organising Interschool Competitions on Republic Day.
  6. Organising Inter house Activities
  7. Adolescence Education Programme
  8. Life Skill Activities: Skit, Street Play, etc.