 Srisha Rewatkar-State rank 5th.
 Mahavir Gandhi-State rank 6th
of them received scholarship of Rs.1000 and a certificate


‘Think-Loud’ Workshop for parents of Grade 4. 2018
“We should give our children two things, one is roots and the other is wings….”. But the curiosity arises when you ask yourself this question? „Have I done enough?‟ We go on looking for the answer to this question, But ,the answer to this question is reflected in the child‟s actions and behavior throughout his life. It is reflected when he gives up his „bad-s‟ and embraces the „goods!‟. And that‟s when the tears of joy flow…
One such interesting workshop was conducted in our School. Aim was to throw some light on the parenting practices observed these days.
It was conducted on the 28th of July, Saturday in the AV Hall. This initiative was started under the Parent Outreach Programme and named „Think-loud‟. It was the idea of the headmistress of this school to organize this workshop as she wanted to reach out to the parent, the primary stakeholders of the child. The motive behind this was clear, to build a strong system around the child for this fulfilling development for a better citizen tomorrow. The speakers of this workshop were not outsiders, but professionals in the field of Psychology, school psychologist Ms.Medha and our own parent along Mrs. Kalyani Kane, who is working in the field of Psychology and education.
This workshop was specifically designed to suit the needs of a parent whose child is studying in Grade 4. But why only Grade 4? What happens to the other kids? I believe, human beings change through transition, they flow ahead bringing out a change in their