Symbi Summer camp 17-18
Symbi Summer camp 17-18 was conducted during the vacation for the first time.Children of Std. II and III had enrolled for the camp.
They enjoyed learning various activities such as games, singing, art and craft as well as computer activities.

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Symbi Summer camp 17-18
The concept of Summer School is very interesting. It is the perfect melange of learning and recreational activities. The Summer School that took place in our school premises from April 16 till April 28 was a collaborative initiative between Symbiosis School and The Wordsmiths Club, which is the brainchild English language project of well known journalist and English language facilitator Ketaki Latkar. The Summer School was open for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. In the course of the two weeks, children were made to engage in a range of language improvement activities, such as essay-writing, comprehensions, use of idioms, weaving-a-story based on keywords, discussing Shakespeare’s plays, and understanding the flow of communication. A special focus was given on encouraging children to express themselves in English, and overcoming conversational stumbling blocks. The scope of the Summer School was broad and the activities were wide-ranging. Some of the other interesting sessions included a guest lecture by a physician on first aid and the critical organs of the human body, a session on pet-human interaction, an introduction to contemporary dance, as also lessons in art and Yoga.