Admissions and Withdrawals:
    1) The age of admission to standard I is five and a half years completed by June 1st with a corresponding increase for other standards.
    2) Before admission is completed, each student must produce a school leaving certificate from the school last attended. If he/ she comes from outside Maharashtra state, the Leaving Certificate must be counter sighed by the Education Officer of that place. Students who have never attended school before must produce a birth certificate.
    3) Admission frees once paid are not refundable
    4) .A months notice is required before a child can be withdrawn from school.
    5) Those who leave in April must pay their fees for May. Notice of leaving the school must be given before the beginning of the holidays.Otherwise fees for the first month following holidays will have to be paid.
    6) Parents or guardians withdrawing a child from school enrolling him / her in a school outside Maharashtra are advised to have the Leaving Certificate issued by the school counter signed by the Education Officer.
    Mode of refund of fees:

    a)If a student informs the school before the commencement of the academic year that he/ she wants to withdraw for any reason, the school will refund the tuition fee, term fee, laboratory fee(if any) and library and laboratory deposit. The admission fee will be retained by the school

    b)If a student desires to withdraw and applies for refund of fees after the commencement of the academic year, the school will retain the admission fee, term fee and laboratory fee(if any) in full and also the proportionate amount of tuition fee till the end of the month in which the refunded is claimed. If the fee is recovered on term basis. Only the remaining amount of tuition fee will be refunded. The library deposit and laboratory deposit will also be refunded.

Fees for Academic Year 2018-19