The power of language and communication are the most important tools to expedite an individual’s progress on the ladder of success. Good Ideas, powerful and innovative thoughts often do not end up being a success, as it may not have been articulated effectively to the audience concerned.

We believe in

  • Language and communication is the most powerful weapon a school can arm a student with.
  • We at Symbiosis understand the advantage a student develops if he has good command over languages and therefore tune our classes to that regard.

How we do it

  • Apart from English, students learn regional languages like Marathi and Hindi. They also study the German and Sanskrit languages in the higher classes.
  • Language classes are a good mix of theory, presentations and videos where in equal participation from the teacher and student is emphasized.
  • Students are encouraged to read books written by famous writers and watch movies and write book reviews and movie reviews.
  • Students participate in various intra and inter school elocution, debate, essay writing, handwriting competitions.
  • Our students appear for various exams conducted by outside institutions like the Rashtrabhasha exam for Hindi, Hindi Olympiad Exam, English Olympiad etc.