The main goal of mathematics education in our school is to develop clarity of thought and pursuing assumptions to logical conclusions in a child.

We believe in

  • Engaging every student with a sense of success, at the same time offer conceptual challenges to the emerging mathematicians.
  • Providing them an opportunity to develop power of analysis and ability to work accurately.
  • Develop a bond between the student’s mathematical skills and his environment.
  • Develop child’s ability to pose and solve meaningful problems.
  • Enriching teachers with a variety of mathematical resources.
  • To develop positive attitude and aesthetic sense to make life the most.

How we achieve it

  • Creating conducive classroom environment to enhance mathematical skills.
  • Providing immense opportunities to develop logical, analytical, reasoning,
    computational and representational skills.
  • Activities, worksheets, demonstrations, dealing with real life situation, solving puzzles, brain teasers, Sudoku and grids in free time enables our students to develop mathematical skills.
  • Use of ample of teaching aids.