The use of technology has become an essential part of our day to day lives. One finds computers being used in almost every walk of life. As such every individual should be able to make effective use of this technology.

We believe in

  • We at Symbiosis School believe that the students need to be given hands on experience of using different aspects of Information and Technology.
  • We need to teach our students to use the basic office applications of word processing, data handling and presentation which they will need to use frequently in their lives.
  • Apart from the office applications we should enhance the student’s logical thinking by teaching them programming techniques and languages.

How we do it

  • Students start learning computers as a work experience subject from standard one.
  • Practicals are designed in such a manner that each child gets to perform the practical individually.
  • Students learn to apply their knowledge of computers by using it while doing their projects for other subjects.
  • Students have access to internet (under supervision) to get information for their projects.