Principal’s Message

Message from Headmistress

“When you touch a stone, you are touching the past;
When you touch a flower, you are touching the present;
When you touch a child, you are touching the future.”
—Swami Vivekananda.

Motivation is the key to all types of learning and at any age. Without personal desire or motivation to learn, our children may not be bothered to sharpen their thinking skills at all. We, as inspirers, should capitalize on their interests and of course their curiosity backed by effective guidance at home and in classrooms. Praising children at the appropriate time motivates them to think critically and make right decisions thus ultimately help them in becoming independent in thinking and successful individuals.

Every child has something divine, something unique in him. Our task is to identify and help develop these qualities further.INVESTING TIME IN OUR CHILDREN reaps great DIVIDENDS.

“Give children the joy of learning and the learning is sure to follow.”

We at Symbiosis equip the students with enthusiasm, clear vision, firm resolve and dauntless spirit to swim against the current and win many laurels and thus prove to the world that they are “Marching Towards Excellence”

Mrs.Veena Havanurkar
Symbiosis Primary and Secondary School