Science subject deals with knowledge and activities for students to think , work on and apply scientific principles to simple, real life situations. Science education focuses on integrating scientific concepts to the surroundings

We believe in

  • To make the inquisitive about cause of various phenomenon which they see around them.
  • Developing a habit of observation, exploration, classification and scientific thinking.
  • Developing a sense of manipulation, creation and invention.
  • Making them aware of environmental issues and alternative sources of energy.
  • To acquaint students with the ‘scientific methods’ and to enable them to develop the scientific attitude.
  • To help students connect concepts of science with their everyday life experiences.
  • To develop scientific temperament.

How we do it

  • Introduction to science laboratory from std 3rd onwards.
  • Introduction to science journal 5th std onwards. Provides additional exposure to students for experimentation.
  • Introduction of Mind Mapping technique for enhancing the logical skills and making learning easy.
  • Constructing working model on topics like eco houses and grey water harvesting.
  • Participating in science exhibition, science quizzes, science workshops, excursions which helps to achieve our objectives.
  • Robotics Competition – Exposure and hand on experience in robotics.
  • Science day Celebration on 28th February every year, wherein various activities standard wise are conducted.