From The Desk Of The Faculty Coordinator

“The key to being a good mentor is to help people become more of who they already  are, not to make them more like you”   Suze Orman

As an experienced pre-primary trainer in and around Maharashtra,  I empower trainees with knowledge, skills and above all, the right kind of attitude required for being a teacher of young children.

I aim to create a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic teaching professionals by providing myriad opportunities at SITE.

Teachers are allowed to be innovative in the classrooms .We have multitasking team members who motivate each other allowing talent to bloom.

We have created a secured, congenial and secured environment for trainees to be passionate facilitators for next generation.

We are proud of our alumni who have graduated from SITE and have brought laurels to the institute.

So let’s unite and bring this goal to fruition.

Sayli Paranjape
(MHsc.  ECCE)
Faculty coordinator