President and Founder Director


Symbiosis is an educational and cultural centre of international standards.

Symbiosis is a Greek term meaning ‘Living together’ for mutual benefit.

The objective of Symbiosis, right from its inception, has been to promote and protect the feeling of togetherness, caring-sharing and understanding between Indians and our brethren from overseas. Looking back at the path traversed, we can be content at the fulfillment of this objective and hope that the same trend continues.

Today, Symbiosis Institutes occupy a proud and envious position on the global map. In our pursuit of character building through fun and play at a very young age and shaping impressionable young minds, we are announcing this Autonomous Post graduate Diploma in Pre-primary Teachers Education (PGDPPTE)

Symbiosis welcomes you to a unique experience of learning to facilitate children’s education through proven methodologies from the experts in the field.

As the demand for child care has increased nation-wide, the entire field of early childhood education has become much more sophisticated and professional. In tune with the same demand, the one year Post Graduate Diploma in pre-primary Teacher Education by Symbiosis will help cultivate the right mindset and help train the facilitators of tomorrow.

Healthy mindsets, technical and academic upgrades in line with the ever changing academic scene of India doubled up with an integrated learning approach will enable the educator to create and maintain a humane society.  As Dr. S. Radhakrishnan has so aptly remarked “education has to concern itself not merely with the training of the intellect or with preparing technically competent persons, but with bringing grace and compassion into the heart of man”.

Dr. S. B. Mujumdar

President and Founder Director