Principal Director


Imbibing good Education and developing the right kind of knowledge are the basic foundations on which rest every child’s future. It is the strength of learning that shapes the growth and development of every single individual right from their formative to the youthful years. However, it is necessary that the teacher who becomes a mother like image to such a young child, needs to be fully aware of the Child’s physical, emotional as well as cognitive developmental needs. It is possible for a teacher to acquire this awareness, only through proper and thorough practices of training. What is needed therefore at the preschool level, is an educator who is sensitive enough to turn each and every experience for a child into a wonderful ongoing learning situation.

Therefore; it is our aim through the SITE, to mould the teaching capabilities of every prospective teacher to handle the young mind of children towards higher development.

I wish you the very best in this Endeavour.

Dr.Vidya Yeravdekar

Principal Director