Kids Studying from Home-pana

Teaching is a Profession that promises a hundred smiles!

Early childhood is a time of tremendous physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, and language development. Thus the teachers who aspire to teach young children should be adequately and extensively trained. With this aim, Symbiosis launched a Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Education in 2004.

Our course offers comprehensive training for aspiring early childhood teachers and budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their own preschools.

Our broad objectives are :

  • To build a sound theoretical foundation in various subjects like child development, curriculum planning, preschool organization and teaching children with special needs
  • To sensitize the students to the needs of preschoolers.
  • To equip the trainees to plan developmentally appropriate preschool programs.
  • To help teachers to think creatively and prepare teaching materials for young learners.
  • To provide real time teaching experience in preschool classrooms.
  • To understand and implement various teaching pedagogies in ECCE.
  • To help integrate technology into the classrooms
  • To encourage students to start their own venture in the area of early education.

The course is a thoughtful combination of theory, classroom practices, practicals and skill development.

Kids Studying from Home-pana
Kids Studying from Home-pana

Our Deliverables:

  • A chance to interact, observe and work with the children of SYMBI STARS while conducting various activities to instil confidence and training in communicating with preschoolers effectively.
  • To sensitize the students to the needs of preschoolers.
  • The institute provides various opportunities by arranging field visits to different organisations working in the area of preschool education.
  • Various workshops and seminars are organized by the institute to develop different skills in the trainees.
  • One week full time internship at the Symbiosis International School, to give an insight into the philosophy and working of an IB preschool along with a week of practical training at their Pastoral Care Center ,so as to offer exposure to a state-of-the art special needs classrooms.
  • The course helps students to showcase their talent by organising an exhibition of teaching aids made by them.
  • Placement history: Keeping in line with the tradition of various institutes run by Symbiosis, SITE also has 100% placement every year. Our students are placed at various CBSE, SSC, ICSE and International Schools as well as Preschools.