Student Life


Best Practices in Teaching- Learning

Pedagogy – Effective use of Math Lab, Science Lab, English Lab Subject-wise weekly worksheets, Pre requisite worksheet for Mathematics, Revision worksheet before exam. Question banks for Revision based on the weightage of marks.

Hands – on activities to focus on understanding concepts. Audio Visual aids for stimulus variation Topic wise e- material for all subjects from grade 1 – 10. Enrichment videos to enhance academic performance as well as developing Life Skills Eg. Vedic Math, Financial Literacy, Prarthana, Idioms and Phrases.

Unique Features

We issue monthly newsletters. We have published in-house books like – Linguas, Bhasha Vikas, Science & Math Journals, Logical Reasoning. We ensure 100 % participation of students in any annual event – Sports Day / Annual Day / Fete, etc. We go out of the way to support our students who have an aptitude for sports so that they may excel in their respective fields by giving them all the academic support they need, throughout the year.We generate unique examination seat numbers [ Std 5 onwards] to ensure uniformity in the system of teaching and evaluation.

Professional development of teachers is facilitated by conducting weekly subject meetings wherein in-house mentoring is done by senior teachers resulting in the upgradation of the subject knowledge. We conduct workshops for parents – Think Aloud. Student leaders who represent the school are conducted via digital voting. Alumni connect – We frequently invite our alumni to attend school functions as chief guests and also interact with students to share their journey and experiences.

Holistic development of students Value education – to ensure that students develop their own moral compass by embedding values in each subject.

Sr. No. Competition
Fete Students get exposure to entrepreneurship
Overnight Camp Outdoor Education Experience
Khari Kamai to inculcate in students the philosophy of Dignity of Labour
Donations to orphanages as a means of giving something back to the society
Visiting NDA parade/ ISSER / Film festivals for inspiration
Tree plantation drives and Project ‘Ecobrick’ to care for mother Earth
Nisarga Laxmi a project to obtain the ‘Best out of waste’

Inclusive Approach

Counselling of students and parents when needed Hand holding of RTE children as well as parents special online platform ‘Spaces’ to cater to the requirements of RTE parents in Marathi. Complementary teaching as per the academic needs of the students. Remedial teaching for academically weak students. Retest of all exams for students who are unable to reach the minimum competency level. Academic Excellence Award to appreciate achievers and motivate others. Being the center for various exams– SSC, Drawing Grade Examination, Olympiad, Rashtra-Bhasha, Government Scholarship Examination, ensures that our achievers are exposed to the best standards. Open House Help Program for academic guidance.

Counselling is used in school effectively to enhance the emotional well being of students. Topics like Good touch , Bad touch ,Puberty, Influence of social media, Stress management are discussed with the experts and children are made easy on such topics .Initiatives like Safe Secret box, Group discussions facilitate children​ sharing​ their views with us in a friendly​ and an informed​ manner .Workshops for parents regarding parenting as well as counselling is done as and when required​ by Headmistress and teachers. ​

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