Student Life

Symbiosis School, Nashik follows the CBSE curriculum and has achieved an outstanding landmark by inculcating project oriented and child friendly methods of teaching with primary focus on preparing an individual for life and world of work along with value orientation. So, along with focus on academics, Symbiosis has taken this opportunity to give the students a platform to exhibit their hidden talents and to help them appreciate the art , music and drama which would certainly destress them from their loaded work schedule and enable them to excel in this competitive world. The school has introduced a new initiative A Slice of Life which is a monthly series based on different topics and their relevance in the daily life which has been well received by all.

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The Symbiosis School, Nashik is nurturing a symbiotic relationship where the students grow in a healthy and amiable atmosphere and get mutually benefited from the same.

Symbiosis School, Nashik prides itself on its futuristic vision. Our approach towards education repeatedly surpasses our contemporaries in its holistic and ingenious methodology.

The following curricular events /academic activities have been conducted in Term 1 in the year 2021-22

The following curricular events /academic activities have been conducted in Term 1 in the year 2021-22

Holistic Development Activities

  • Std 1 to 10- Ice-cream making Activity with ingredients made/ grown locally.
  • No online shopping, no spending extra.

Nelson Mandela Day

  • STD 1 to 5- Adiba motif art.
  • STD 6 to 10- Online activity research project on the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

Environment Day Activity

  • STD 1 to 10- 1. Upcycling of plastic bottles into useful items.
Independence Day

Teachers spoke to the students about the great leaders who laid their lives for the independence of our country and how freedom is ‘not free of cost’ and we must value it. Also,the students spoke about leaders through poems and speeches.

Swacchta Pakhwada

In order to make the students aware of personal hygiene, the school observed Swacchta Pakhwada. The following activities were conducted in the online class: Steps for Hand wash, poster making on cleanliness and hygiene, Slogan writing to create awareness related to Covid-19.

Teachers’ Day

The students were given an opportunity to express their views about their teachers and express gratitude to them. The teachers spoke about the ‘importance of teachers’, especially in the present scenario of online teaching. Fun activities were also organised by the teachers for the students.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated to mark the importance of our National language.The following activities were conducted for the students to enhance the love and respect for Hindi language on the occasion of Hindi.

The student life is getting complex day by day. Guidance and counseling is needed to help the students for optimum achievement and adequate adjustment in the varied life situations. At Symbiosis, counseling services are offered to students who are undergoing a problem and need professional help to overcome it. The specialized service provides training in personality development and handling exceptional groups of children. It involves techniques like active listening, empathic understanding releasing the pent up feelings and confronting the child. Counseling center provides services in all possible areas. The counseling process empathically facilitates the students in times of emotional crisis by providing them with a range of coping strategies and interventions appropriate to their needs and situation. We work for strengthening emotional quotient, social quotient and intelligence quotient of your students.

Teachers provide the students with latest information regarding the various competitions held in different regions at various times. Visiting lectures/facilitators are also invited by the school authorities to provide recent strategies in techniques.